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Facts and figures

123 Railway Equipment Manufacturers

EPK Company and other 123 companies are the members of the non-commercial partnership “Association of Railway Equipment Manufacturers".



We pay high tribute to our partners and offer them products quality of optimum level.  The list of our partners includes: Daimler, BPW, UAZ, VAZ, GAZ, MAZ, KAMAZ. Furthermore, the EPK produces bearings for hubs of RENAULT, DAEWOO, CHEVROLET, MAN, ISUZU vehicles, for SAF and RABA axle shafts and transmissions.

Key positions of cooperation with the partners:  high-quality manufacturing methods, prompt order execution, guarantee period, professional advice.  Our customers become our partners and recommend us to their counterparts. We are happy to cooperate with engineering companies.


Import substitution programme of high precision bearings