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Fight Against Counterfeit Products


Dear consumers of bearing products!

Due to the frequent attempts of separate companies to promote the counterfeit products under the brands of EPK bearing plants EPK Trade House  Ltd publishes the following list.

List of the companies which delivered or offered for delivery to industrial facilities the counterfeit bearings with false data sheets (quality certificates):

  1. Orion LTD - INN: 6452952655
  2. Novosibirsk Bearing Company Ltd - INN: 5410019910
  3. Komplekt LTD - INN: 6453086134
  4. Avtoexpert LTD - INN: 6450945405
  5. Company Shar Ltd., Novocheboksarsk, the Chuvash Republic - INN: 2128701733  
  6. Quazar CJSC, Ivanovo - INN: 6452925355
  7. North-Western Bearing Company Ltd., St. Petersburg - INN: 7826058631
  8. Research and Production Company Uralpodshipnik Ltd., Yekaterinburg - INN: 6660145780
  9. Company Varus CJSC, Moscow - INN: 7723532923
  10. Srednevolzhskaya Industrial Company Ltd, Saratov - INN: 6452931574
  11. WagonService 2000 Ltd, Saratov - INN: 6452925355
  12. Impromservice XXI Ltd, Moscow - INN: 7706275810
  13. Aglomerat CJSC, Saratov - INN: 6455035470
  14. Sole Proprietorship Makhadallayev Murad Abdulgaliyevich, Dagestan Republic Kizilyurt - INN: 054603953002
  15. “Samara technologies” LTD, Samara, INN 6317076112
  16. “Company “Rus Supply” LTD, Yaroslavl region, Rybinsk, INN 7605020630
  17. RPE “UKRPROMIMPLEMENTATION” LTD, Ukraine, Kiev, INN 351416726550
  18. "Vostok Service” LTD, Moscow, 115035, Sadovnicheskaya st., 72, building 1, office 6, INN 7705537037, OGRN 1137746285082
  19. “VostSibpodshipnik” LTD. Irkutsk, 664003, Irkutsk region, Kievskaya st., 14, office 103, INN 3808218042, OGRN 1113850009503
  20. “PromPostavka” LTD, Volgograd, Gabysheva st., 26, INN 3446047523
  21. “Saratovskaya Podshipnikovskaya Company” LTD. Saratov, Crimea drive, 3, INN 6451005852
  22. "Tekhplaneta" LLC, Izhevsk, ul. Telegina, 30. INN 4307018171.
  23. "TD Rospodshipnik" LLC, Volgograd region, Volzhsky, ul. Kirova 19. INN 3435099167.

In order to prevent distribution of counterfeit bearings EPK offers the service: provide inspection by the corporation specialists of the bearings marked with the brands of EPK plants and purchased from third-party suppliers.

If you reasonably consider the products to be counterfeit please call by phone number +7.495.775.81.30 (ext. 22-03) and send the letter of inquiry via e-mail: to the head of Trade House  EPK Ltd on inspection of certain types of bearings and data sheets to them. This letter of inquiry shall contain bank details of your company and supplier, contact person and the phone number. The following shall be attached to the letter:

- Photos of bearings with visible elements of any labelling on them;

- Photos (scanned copies) of the data sheets supplied with bearings;

- Photos (scanned copy) of invoice.

Note! To avoid purchasing counterfeit products it is recommended to purchase bearings directly from Trade House EPK Ltd and its representations or from the official dealers and distributors of the corporation within the regions.


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