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5 years in ISO

EPK Company presents the Russian bearing industry in the International Organization for Standardization ISO.


  • Advantages of Tapered Bearing Unit (TBU)
Advantages of Tapered Bearing Unit (TBU)

EPK is the leading manufacturer of double-row tapered bearings for axle-boxes of rolling stock transport and trams in the CIS. The international name of the bearing type is Tapered Bearing Unit (TBU). OOO EPK Brenco Bearing Company – is a Russian-American Joint-venture, set up in Russia, specializes in manufacturing TBU bearings for railway industry. Applied technologies and equipment are unique for Russian engineering industry. Thanks to business cooperation with American company Brenco EPK can achieve a new quality level of production. 

Double-row tapered bearings for rolling stock axle-boxes have higher warranty period compared to other types of bearings with similar application. 

- 8 years or 800 000 km of mileage in axle-boxes in freight cars, locomotives and railcar rolling stock;

- 8 years or 1 200 km of mileage in axle-boxes of passenger cars;

Double-row tapered bearings for rolling stock axle-boxes can sustain higher radial (up to 25 tones on axe) and axial load and have number of other improved characteristics. Construction of these bearings has labyrinth seals which protect them from the environment influence (precipitation, dust, dirt, etc.). Tapered bearings can be used in different climate zones. Service of tapered bearings during warranty and post-warranty period is carried out in special service centers.

Advantages of TBU:

-         Increased bearing force

-         Protection from environment influence

-         Increased life-time

-         Compact design

-         Ease of assembly and dismantling

-         Minimum operating costs

Application of TBU:

-         Locomotive axle boxes

-         Passenger and freight cars axle boxes, railcar rolling stock


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