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  • 14.03.2019 12:21
  • АО EPK Saratov implements a project to create a modern plant for manufacture of axle bearings for export

The main purpose of the project is the quality compliance of the exported axle bearings with the European standards. In addition, the current production makes it possible to produce 50-70% fewer products than the market needs, and the cost of production of appropriate quality is much higher than required, so the project includes not only the purchase of new or the upgrade of old equipment, but also the introduction of modern technologies, process automation, elimination of the human factor in metal processing, including technical re-equipment of control and measurement laboratories.

The project on the creation of a modern production of axle bearings for export was launched on the EPK Saratov plant in May last year. Since then, it has gone through several stages of approval and finally came to the practical phase: a contract for the purchase of turning machines (vertical single-spindle turning centers of EMAG) is concluded, contracts for the acquisition of a thermal processing line for microstructure bearing parts and a ring polishing line are now under approval, the search for a supplier of automatic roller grinding line is launched. The process of preparation of sites for new equipment is mobilized, along with it comes the reinstalling of existing equipment.

On February 21, Saratov plant of EPK was attended by the management of the Management Company to coordinate the project planning decisions, including those providing for the opportunities of territorial expansion of axle bearings production in the future.

Currently, the axle bearings of EPK Saratov are tested in France, at the test center of the French railways. They have already passed the required mileage of 600 thousand km, and now their grease and wear are tested.

As part of the current production and supply in the current year, АО EPK Saratov expects two more audits directly related to the production of axle bearings for export. In April, the experts of GHH-BONATRANS, a Czech company, will conduct an audit there. In late May and early June, the company will be audited for compliance with EN 12080 European standard and TSI technical regulations. This audit will be conducted in accordance with the requirements of the new version of EN 12080:2017 “Railway transport. Rail axle boxes. Roller bearings” developed instead of EN 12080:2007+A1.2010.


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