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  • 13.10.17
  • Eurostandard bearing

Publication in the magazine Tekhnadzor.

OOO "EPK Brenco Bearing Company" is the largest Russian manufacturer of railway bearing of cartridge type for axle-boxes of railway equipment. 

The enterprise, located in Saratov, is a successful example of knowledge-intersive production, using the worlds best technologies in the production of bearing products. 

The bearings produced by OOO "EPK Brenco Bearing Company" have higher load capacity and increased warranty period of operation of 8 years or 800 thousand km for freight cars and 8 years or 1200 thousand km for passenger cars. 

the products of EPK-Brenco are used successfully in innovative freight cars of the axle load of 25 tons, as well as in passenger cars of the new generation. 

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