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Facts and figures

10 Bearing Holding Companies

EPK Company and other 10 companies are the members of the Bearing Manufacturers Association of the Russian Federation.


  • 04.10.11
  • EPK headed TOP-5 exporters of processing equipment according to Kommersant Publishing House

The rating of Kommersant Publishing House is based on two key factors: volume of profile export and sales geography. The volume of profile export of EPK is 11,90 million dollars. EPK delivers bearings to Germany, USA, India, Poland, Turkey, Bulgaria, Vietnam, Serbia, Lithuania, Moldova, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan.

EPK delivers most of all the bearings to Ukraine – 38 % of all the volume of finished goods, to Germany – 26 %, to India – 13 %, to Poland – 5 %, to other countries – 18 %. Total export for the company is now about 10 % of revenue. Analyzing the data of customs statistics for the 2nd half of Y2010 the authors of research recognize increase in export of bearings for automotive industry, thanks to the large contract with Daimler, as a success factor of EPK.

According to Oleg Savchenko, the founder of the Corporation, when in 2007 German Daimler became interested in EPK bearings: "Germans lived at the plant, they climbed under machines, communicated with workers, noted the time with a stop watch spent for these or those operations". As a result the contract was signed, thanks to that EPK revenue considerably increased. Besides, the Korean autoconcern Daewoo, producers of auto parts — German BPW and French SAF appeared among the EPK customers.

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